Progress Flight Academy commissioned the design and construction of two Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainers level II (FNPT II) ‘simulators’ using actual aeroplane forward fuselage sections that replicate precisely the Vulcanair P68R aeroplane. The simulators are built to EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) FNPT II specification from aeroplane components and exactly replicate the aeroplane cockpit. These FNPT II devices qualify for 40 hours instrument flight training credit on an integrated course.
6 vulcanair p68 simulators under construction progress flight academy
Progress Flight Academy is the only flight school in South Africa using FNPT IIs that precisely replicate the aeroplane used for instrument training.

3 progress flight academy p68r simulator flight deck

The Garmin G1000 equipment facilitates instrument flight training for the new GPS based instrument approach procedures now becoming prevalent throughout the world and now introduced at Port Elizabeth International Airport.

All the procedural and operational instrument training is conducted in multi-engine simulators and aeroplanes. This major development enables us to achieve a superlative standard for graduates entering general aviation, and will enhance the transition to First Officer training for airline candidates. Students have the opportunity to practise instrument approach procedures relevant to their own geographic area.